One of the most devastating experiences a person can have is trauma. It may be one or multiple event(s) where a person is exposed to or witnessed an actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violation. Trauma is also experienced through abusive relationships. This may be your current or past relationship. It may be in your adulthood and/or childhood. The impacts of trauma are staggering. You may be feeling shame, fear, hopelessness, despair, and ineffectiveness. To cope with trauma you may have self-medicated with food, alcohol, substances, and sex.

Healing from trauma takes time and is very deep personal work. We will first begin by creating a safe relationship and work through some skills to help you with the impacts of trauma. Then we will process some of your traumatic experiences and memories. While working with clients, I never prod or push clients to share with me what happened. During trauma work you would only share what comes up for you when you feel safe and supported in our work together.

Healing from trauma takes time and is very deep personal work.

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