Grief and Loss

Are you struggling with a loss in life? Do you ask yourself if you are strong enough to continue? Is my life still valuable? Can my life ever be good again?

Grief is a loss of something that is extremely valuable to you. It evokes intense painful feelings. It is experienced as too much to bear. In grief, we find ourselves very alone. People may turn away because it is too hard to be in the presence of such pain. There is no time limit on grief, even though, it is very common to get cultural messages on how long one is allowed to grieve. However, I believe grieving is a very personal process and will take as long as you need.

Grieving is an emotional process where you turn towards the pain of loss. It evokes intense painful feelings.

Grieving is an emotional process where you turn towards the pain of loss. The starting point is recognizing the loss is there. You may find that you need time to be alone. Grief is exhausting and being around others may be experienced as draining. In counselling, you can have an opportunity to work through those painful emotions in a way where no demands or burdens will be placed on you. My hope for you is to have a space where whatever you are feeling and thinking is ok and it is safe to say so. I can bear your grief with you.


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